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Trichord Interval ID

You will hear a trichord (three notes, not necessarily made up of thirds like traditional chords). Identify the interval (in semi-tones) between the upper two notes and between the lower two notes. This is a speed drill; you must maintain an average speed of 6 seconds or less per question to advance to the next level. Good luck, this game is not for the faint of heart!

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Greg's Tips

Each interval has its own distinct color and sound. While at first it may be useful to sing the interval and try and determine where it falls in the scale ("Is that 3-4 or 1-2?") in the end for this sort of drill it's best to try and let go of tonal references a bit and just recognize the particular qualities that each atonal interval has.

You will probably mistake the outer interval (from the bottom note to top note) for one of the inner intervals from time to time. Just be aware of this!

In the first levels, there's always one smaller interval (a second) and one larger interval (a fourth or fifth). Try first to determine if the smaller interval is between the bottom two notes or the upper two. Then figure out the exact quality of both intervals.

Next Steps

This sort of practice will allow you to hear all the notes of chords distinctly, and to be aware of the intervals that make up chords. Listen to some slow music, and see if you can hear the combination of intervals between the various parts. Some of my favorite pieces for this are:

High Scores

Atonal Trichord Drill High Scores
Username Date Percent Avg. Speed Level Score
flynyrdskynyrd 2012-09-10 100% 1.755 s. 6 47483
theslyprofessor 2013-03-31 100% 2.225 s. 6 37453
bkozaczek 2011-11-24 75% 1.122 s. 1 37136
jnoelliste1 2010-05-22 100% 2.544 s. 6 32757
MaTo 2013-03-29 85% 2.773 s. 6 25543
gabe8140 2011-02-22 85% 2.837 s. 6 24967
joen 2010-04-17 95% 3.218 s. 6 24601
jnoelliste 2010-01-15 100% 2.32 s. 1 23946
Arcano200 2013-09-10 82% 2.006 s. 1 22709
maarten 2011-07-29 100% 4.307 s. 8 21928


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On 2017-04-04 at 18:16:38, petfer wrote:

On 2013-03-31 at 02:16:12, theslyprofessor wrote:
Can you make a module to display all the high scores of a particular level?

On 2012-05-11 at 19:05:02, iratior wrote:
Are you sure you've gotten all the bugs out of the trichord program? I noticed that whenever the computer "thought" I'd given a wrong answer, it would play the same trichord again. Why do that? Why not just go on to the next question? My suspicion is that control is being passed to the chord playing when it should be passed to instructions that re-randomize the notes and recompute what the intervals between them are.

On 2011-11-14 at 23:15:58, theflsaxman wrote:
Can you include the traditional notation on this exercise?

On 2011-03-16 at 08:03:08, constantis wrote:
it will be better if you could put the traditional notation also

On 2010-10-11 at 16:43:49, gristow wrote:
Hey everyone -- I fixed the bug that was saving scores as one level higher than was actually completed, updated the score calculation (so scores cover a wider range and cannot be negative), recalculated old scores, and changed the required percent per level to 85%. Enjoy.


On 2010-05-22 at 22:24:02, jnoelliste1 wrote:
Your tri-chord interval ID is a well organized, very effective ear training utility. Good job Greg (gristow) and thanks.