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Three-Note Notation Drill

You will hear a tonicization followed by three notes. Click on the staff to draw the three notes you heard in order. You may switch levels using the drop-down menu.

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Greg's Tips

When you're indentifying three notes at a time, you have to think about memorizing the fragments of melody you hear. If you're just starting out, at first it may be useful to try:

  1. Play tonic again, and sing a scale.
  2. Play the notes again, and sing them out loud until your sure you know them.
  3. Then figure out the first note by singing up the scale from tonic until you reach it. Using the key signature, figure out what note this is and add it to the staff.
  4. Repeat this for the rest of the notes.

In order to gain speed, however, once you've mastered the system above, it's important to:

  1. Try to identify the notes you hear as you're listing, by their feel without directly comparing them to tonic.
  2. Practice doing this without singing or humming -- just by how it feels in your mind!
  3. Notice if there are particular scale degrees you have trouble identifying -- such as, say 6 and 4. Sing those notes and notice how they feel in your voice; use this to start to recognize the feel of the more 'difficult' scale degrees.

Next Steps

The point of this drill is to start to get to the point where you can actually visualize the exact note that's being played as you hear it. Using one hand as a staff (five lines, five fingers -- get it?) imagine a clef and a key signature and point at the correct notes as you sing the following songs (the same ones you may have figured out solfege for in the 3-note solfege drill):

  1. Hot Cross Buns
  2. Beginning of the Star Spangled Banner ("Oh say can you see?")
  3. Frere-Jacques; Mary Had a Little Lamb
  4. Theme from Star Wars; Theme from Dallas
  5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  6. Rock-a-bye Baby

High Scores

Three-Note ID on the Staff High Scores
Username Date Percent Level Score
danlebo 2013-12-17 100% 6 10000
kerreth65@gmail.com 2013-11-13 100% 6 10000
r.alvarado89 2013-07-14 100% 6 10000
David 2013-04-16 100% 6 10000
MaTo 2013-03-25 100% 6 10000
theslyprofessor 2013-03-24 100% 6 10000
kilotluszczu 2013-02-15 100% 6 10000
jonathanj 2012-11-16 100% 6 10000
lynchr 2012-09-14 100% 6 10000
Eisenhertz 2012-09-04 100% 6 10000


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