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One Note Piano Drill

You will hear a tonicization followed by a note. Using the piano keyboard, play the note you hear (based on the key signature).

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Greg's Tips

This game really tests your knowledge of key signatures and scales! Not only do you have to be able to figure out what scale degree you are hearing, but you have to be able to quickly translate that into a note name. Imagine playing a scale on the keyboard before you start answering the questions: get set in your mind what each scale degree looks like on the piano.

Then it's just a matter of identifying the scale degrees you hear. The same tips from the other one-note identification drills apply:

  1. Play tonic again, and sing a scale.
  2. Play the note again and sing up the scale until you reach the note you've just heard.
  3. Using the key signature, figure out what pitch that scale degree is and play that note on the piano keyboard.

In order to gain speed, however, once you've mastered the system above, it's important to:

  1. Identify the scale degree/solfege simply by its 'feel' without directly comparing it to tonic in your mind.
  2. Notice if there are particular scale degrees you have trouble identifying -- such as, say 6 and 4. Sing those notes and notice how they feel in your voice; use this to start to recognize the feel of the more 'difficult' scale degrees.

High Scores

One-Note Piano Drill High Scores
Username Date Percent Avg. Speed Level Score
saoricynthia 2009-03-10 100% 1.645 s. 7 373
joetrafton 2010-02-27 95% 1.944 s. 7 347
Paige 2008-04-04 90% 1.408 s. 7 342
bsbuchan 2009-10-12 96% 3 s. 7 322
jonmohr 2009-12-15 95% 2.995 s. 7 319
ariannelanier 2009-10-26 90% 2.464 s. 7 315
rdg3636 2009-10-12 93% 2.993 s. 7 312
lezliee 2009-10-19 90% 2.935 s. 7 304
TimeToDig 2009-10-21 90% 2.937 s. 7 303
constantis 2011-03-15 100% 3.012 s. 6 287


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On 2013-10-08 at 22:10:35, Dayvenkirq wrote:
I believe there are glitches in this piano drill interface (I'm using it while running on Linux).

On 2013-03-31 at 01:53:46, theslyprofessor wrote:
My scores aren't being recorded. I also can't access Level 7. I'm going for gold here. Please help.

On 2012-12-30 at 22:14:23, Gazza wrote:
I enjoy the training, but I can't seem to find level 7, even after passing 6 (single note piano drill). :)

On 2012-11-02 at 06:54:47, dessicatingfetus123 wrote:
I love your games mr. Ristow man. What's yo phone number bbz

On 2011-10-20 at 17:05:51, October 6, 2011 wrote:
so while i was doing the One Note Piano Drill, in the middle of a drill it stopped playing the music. and it would lit up blue for only one note, which wasn't the correct one. but it was still counting it wrong. so i just had to guess which note on the key was the right one by looking at the stoplight.

On 2011-05-01 at 23:49:16, brianjsoh wrote:
Why am I not allowed to take Level 7 when I scored 100% on it? (Potential bug?)

On 2010-11-11 at 20:20:40, shoffmann wrote:
I'm having a problem with 1-Note Piano Drill Level 6. Every time I pass it, it either shows an incorrect percentage (different from the one on the left) or says that I selected a new level when I didn't.

On 2010-11-02 at 09:51:10, ccarrell wrote:
I found a bug for you: The first time I did 1-Note Piano Drill - Level 6, I scored 88%. After that, I scored 95% and 100%, but it still said that I only scored 88% and could not advance....

On 2010-04-11 at 11:08:14, gristow wrote:
Hi all -- TMT pointed out a bug in this drill, which I hope to fix tonight (4/11), having to do with how scores are displayed when you've selected a level. (Instead of displaying your score at the end of the level, it says "you've selected a new level..." The score actually _is_ being recorded, just not displayed properly.