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Melody Notation Drill

You will hear a tonicization followed by seven notes. Click on the staff to add the notes you hear. You may switch levels and change the length of the melody by using the drop-down menus.

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Greg's Tips

When you're indentifying multiple notes at a time, you have to think about memorizing the fragments of melody you hear. If you're just starting out, at first it may be useful to try:

  1. Play tonic again, and sing a scale.
  2. Play the notes again, and sing them out loud until your sure you know them.
  3. Then figure out the first note by singing up the scale from tonic until you reach it. Using the key signature, figure out what note this is and add it to the staff.
  4. Repeat this for the rest of the notes.

In order to gain speed, however, once you've mastered the system above, it's important to:

  1. Try to identify the notes you hear as you're listing, by their feel without directly comparing them to tonic.
  2. Practice doing this without singing or humming -- just by how it feels in your mind!
  3. Notice if there are particular scale degrees you have trouble identifying -- such as, say 6 and 4. Sing those notes and notice how they feel in your voice; use this to start to recognize the feel of the more 'difficult' scale degrees.

At the most advanced levels:

  1. Try and memorize a string of solfege/scale-degree numbers as you hear the melody for the first time. Treat it as though someone were saying a phone number to you and you had to remember it in one hearing. With practice you will be able to take down even the most random and lengthy melodies on just one hearing this way.
  2. Don't sing it out loud!

High Scores

Melody Dictation High Scores
Username Date Percent Level Score
t@c0b311 2012-09-20 98% 8 10558
caseyfischer 2011-12-29 97% 8 10506
pt1992 2013-07-20 100% 6 10000
slux2 2013-05-01 100% 6 10000
MaTo 2013-03-25 100% 6 10000
Isaac Mullet 2013-03-12 100% 6 10000
jonathanj 2013-02-25 100% 6 10000
Zachary Mullet 2013-02-21 100% 6 10000
David 2013-01-01 100% 6 10000
lynchr 2012-10-07 100% 6 10000


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