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Harmonic Interval ID

The drill below is a speed drill - use the keyboard to enter numbers more quickly! (Use minus "-" for 11 and equals "=" for 12.)

Intervals are given in half-steps (1 = half step, 2 = whole step, 3 = minor third, etc...). Click the "traditional names" button if you prefer.

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Tips -- High Scores -- Comments

Greg's Tips

Each interval has its own distinct color and sound. While at first it may be useful to sing the interval and try and determine where it falls in the scale ("Is that 3-4 or 1-2?") in the end for this sort of drill it's best to try and let go of tonal references a bit and just recognize the particular qualities that each atonal interval has.

Next Steps

This transfers perfectly to music with two (or more) parts. Find music with two singers or two instruments and listen for the colors of these intervals between them. Some of my favorites are:

High Scores

Harmonic Intervals Speed Drill High Scores
Username Date Percent Avg. Speed Level Score
flynyrdskynyrd 2012-08-27 100% 1.333 s. 9 492
videogamepianist 2012-08-10 100% 1.358 s. 9 491
guitar9876 2011-10-25 100% 1.421 s. 9 488
sauter 2011-05-19 100% 1.455 s. 9 487
Arcano200 2013-09-23 100% 1.525 s. 9 485
MaTo 2013-03-27 100% 1.536 s. 9 484
gabe8140 2011-02-22 100% 1.549 s. 9 484
caseyfischer 2012-05-10 100% 1.579 s. 9 483
Flufman909 2012-03-14 100% 1.577 s. 9 483
SimonLove01 2010-05-12 100% 1.6 s. 9 482



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You are telling me that i can't load your applications because my security system has blocked it from opening. Impossible because i turned off my security

On 2012-02-13 at 12:10:08, caseyfischer wrote:
I might be wrong, but it really seems that occasionally only one tone plays, especially with 4ths and 5ths.

On 2011-08-20 at 00:51:09, loco wrote:
I´m in!!!

On 2011-08-08 at 21:43:22, gristow wrote:
Octal -- no, inversions are treated as different intervals. Eg: if G up to C is played, only a Perfect 4th (or 5 semi-tones, depending on what mode you're in) is accepted as the answer. (If you know Forte's interval class vector approach, this is _not_ the same.)

On 2011-08-08 at 21:31:46, Octal wrote:
Does this include inversions too? I.e. is a perfect 5th only G-C or can it also be C-G (which is a perfect 4th, thus causing confusion.)

On 2010-10-18 at 20:37:08, asurguy wrote:
I can't even tell on this harmonic one, all of them hurt my ears...

On 2010-10-11 at 19:15:58, gristow wrote:
Found and fixed a bug that was causing freezing at the highest level. Sorry about that guys!

On 2010-06-19 at 14:32:25, gristow wrote:
Nice job, SimonLove01 -- I'm impressed!

On 2010-05-12 at 15:11:03, SimonLove01 wrote:
It took me about 20 straight minutes but I got that high score!

On 2010-04-25 at 00:26:05, gristow wrote:
Good catch whatoh and tmt -- I've fixed it and deleted impossible scores (those with an average time less than 1 second, which is the wait time between questions).

On 2010-04-24 at 15:43:50, whatoh wrote:
My mistake, i used the bug for level 5 -- not level 4.